Localist offers a variety of event calendar solutions to fit your needs.

Calendar Platform

Localist’s calendar is designed to help you easily publish, manage and promote your events. How much is the platform? You might not need all of our features, so why pay for all of them? Localist works to provide you a customized quote based on the features your team needs to be successful.

Localist offers a variety of features, from widgets to analytics to brand customization. Learn more about our calendar and its robust options here.

Mobile App

Your customers are mobile - and so is Localist. Tailgate offers you an out-of-the-box branded app combining all the things you love about the Localist calendar into a handy mobile format. Attendees can RSVP, search for upcoming events, and provide real-time emotive feedback.

Learn more about how Tailgate can help you meet the needs of audiences on the go.

Support & Services

Localist offers both calendar management and calendar training options for busy customers looking for an extra set of hands starting at $500 a month.

Learn more about how we can do the work for you →