Ebook: Why Your Online Calendar Should be Social

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Seeing low traffic on your online calendar? Are your students, members, or readers have a hard time finding about events?

It's time to start thinking tribal and meet visitors where they are: in communities and online.

In our eBook, "Why Your Online Calendar Should Be Social," we'll explain why you should bring a social aspect to event planning and marketing in your online calendar.

What You'll Read About

  • Taking simple steps and embracing user-generated content can lead to less work for you, and more active engagement online.
  • The evolution of calendars and why social online calendars make sense for this plugged-in world.
  • A discussion of people's inherent desire to be involved members of a community, and how that affinity for social interaction matches up with specific online social calendar features.
  • The role of great content and admin usability in making a successful online social calendar.
Ebook: Why Your Online Calendar Should be Social

Reading time

10 minutes

Who should read

Directors of Marketing & Communications


Web Developers

Web Designers


System Admins

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