DePaul University Implements a Centralized Calendar and Integrates with Eventbrite

About DePaul University

DePaul University is the nation's largest Catholic university with 16,384 undergraduates among its more than 25,000 students. An active student life drives the pulse of the university with more than 300 student organizations. DePaul has a strong online social media presence and its website features student written blogs chronicling life on campus. To expand its already prolific online presence, DePaul sought to integrate a calendar into its social media portfolio.

Challenges Before Localist

Control of various campus calendars was decentralized among staff in many departments. The university had an older-model, custom-built online calendar that was used heavily by the School of Music, The Theatre School, and the Department of Athletics. But it never attracted universal participation. Consequently, it was difficult to take advantage of all the opportunities available on campus.

DePaul's Calendar Before

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How Localist helped DePaul University

Localist provided DePaul University with an easy way for social media savvy students to share Localist events via Facebook. The interface is easy to use and allows DePaul University to integrate with Eventbrite, an event response system DePaul already uses.

DePaul can easily engage student leaders through Localist's integration with OrgSync, a private online community used by DePaul's thriving student groups. Streamlined integration across social media platforms and department calendars makes publicizing events simple.

DePaul also uses widgets that allow for department calendars to have a customized schedule, yet feature one central location for the main events calendar.

DePaul's Calendar After

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The Results

Localist's system development and adoption required minimal work on the client side, and Localist worked to tweak the software so that Eventbrite integration would function easily.

From the start, I was impressed with the simple interface. The transition proved as smooth as the user experience, and we had great support and a good process during the transition. We're excited to have a calendar both administrators and students are excited to use.

Localist offers many new features. DePaul wanted to maintain the calendar governance model of granting trusted user access to certain people and developed a training session that certified users as event approvers. This trusted user access has proven quite popular, with departments using Localist to promote their events simply and effectively.