10 Reasons Why Columbia College Chicago Chose Localist

About Columbia College Chicago

Columbia College Chicago was founded in 1890 as the Columbia School of Oratory. Today, Columbia is a bustling campus of 12,000 students and enjoys a reputation as a world leader in arts and communication education. Columbia's reach extends far beyond its South Loop location. All of Chicago is Columbia's campus, laboratory, and playground.

About 2,200 students live in four residence centers. More than 85 student organizations—from the Student Dance Organization to Japanese Anime and Manga—express the diversity, interests, and energy of Columbia College students.

A fast-paced, urban campus with an engaged student body needs an events calendar capable of supporting its vibrant community. Columbia's outdated, bug-prone calendar just wasn't cutting it.

Challenges Before Localist

Words used to describe Columbia's old online calendar include, "clunky," "painful," and "cumbersome." The interface was extremely problematic and users encountered issues trying to accomplish basic tasks such as submitting events. Due to the confusing interface, users would receive error messages, or mistakenly enter the same event multiple times. The system didn't even have any kind of web analytics in place, making it hard for administrators to keep track of usage.

With all its problems, it's easy to see why students and staff weren't using Columbia's online calendar. It just couldn't keep pace with the highly mobile student population and its new way of communicating and sharing via smartphones, tablets, and social media.

In response to the calendar software issues, Columbia's web development team explored various calendar options for nearly two years. Several options were considered, including Localist. Columbia had already had some experience with 25Live and Trumba, but neither represented the complete solution with the level of functionality that Columbia was seeking.

Columbia's Calendar Before

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Why Columbia College Chicago selected Localist

When we took a look at Localist versus every other calendar vendor, it was obvious that Localist had completely leapfrogged everyone else out there.

Here are 10 reasons why Localist stood out as the top calendar choice for Columbia College:

The Results

Localist's popularity is growing and administrators are seeing users sign up every day. Columbia College wants to use their calendar to increase student engagement hoping to have a positive impact on retention.

From the start, everyone here has been really excited about Localist. It was a much needed upgrade, and Localist connects the Columbia community in new and creative ways.
Columbia's Calendar After

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