What Users Want From Your Events Calendar

2013 Events Calendar Survey Data

Your team may spend time loading event content onto your online calendar, but do you know what your audience really wants?

We've surveyed thousands of users across a range of industries to identify exactly what users want, what works for them and what doesn't.

Below are examples of just a few of the many insights detailed in our 35-page Online Events Calendar Survey Report.

How do you want to learn about upcoming events?

What You'll Read About

  • How important discovering events online is to your audience
  • How important the social scene is to your audience
  • How users feel about receiving email newsletters
  • What website features users rely on most
  • How users would prefer to log-in to access advanced features
  • Tips for all organizations to take advantage of these findings
What Users Want from Your CalendarSurvey Results

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Reading Time

30 minutes

Who Should Read

Directors of Marketing & Communications


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