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We’ll do the work. Let us optimize your event calendar.

Localist offers both calendar management and calendar training options for busy customers looking for an extra set of hands. See how we can help you exceed your event goals.

Calendar Management

Your calendar needs regular attention - if it isn’t up-to-date, your VIPs won’t know about your events, and will eventually stop visiting your web pages. Localist can help with regular, ongoing calendar management so you can focus on other tasks.

Calendar Management Services


per month, billed annually
This pricing reflects the first year of service. Pricing decreases in following years. Contact us to learn more.

What's included *

* What's not included: Changes to your main website; Designing a web or calendar page from scratch; Identify content to be imported; Management of your event content (approving events, submitting events, etc.); Newsletter sending; Group/department Officer management; User permission management; API application creation; Management of software that integrates with Localist (Eventbrite, room schedulers, Google Analytics); Custom JavaScript coding; Building custom features on-demand; End-user support.

Calendar Training

You have a lot of people using your calendar - and it is important for all to be trained to maximize your product investment. Whether you have a new class of administrators who don't know how to use the product, hundreds of administrators who you want to keep on the same page, or your team has specific questions or topics to discuss, Localist can tailor training to meet your team's wants and needs.



per year
  • Phone, Email and Chat Support
  • Annual Platform Review
  • 4x1 Hour Training sessions ?



per year
  • Phone, Email and Chat Support
  • Bi-Annual Platform Review
  • 8x1 Hour Training Sessions ?



per year
  • Phone, Email and Chat Support
  • Quarterly Platform Review
  • 12x1 Hour Training Sessions ?

What is a Platform Review?

Localist will evaluate your platform and usage and make recommendations on things you can do to improve or enhance your product experience, from SEO and IT recommendations to social media tips. Our customers find this review very helpful to ensure they are maximizing product features.

What if my team needs more help?

Localist is always available to discuss adding on additional hours and trainings if your team needs additional support.

What about my end users?

Localist is so easy to use, end users don’t need formal training. We are happy to provide examples of how to communicate to users how they can best use Localist.

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