The Office

A fun, inviting space that encourages collaboration and introspection.

The Lobby
The Conference Room

Naturally Light

Almost every room in the space has a view of downtown Silver Spring, allowing ample natural light to keep you from feeling detached from the world.

On certain days, you can even see FedEx Field!

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Change Gears

Working at a nimble software company requires a lot of gear changing. We understand sometimes a little relax helps us look at things from a different angle. We have a lounge with games, puzzles, drinks and snacks waiting for you.

The Lounge
The Studio

Open, Within Reason

We've all heard of the pros and cons of open office design. We take a hybrid approach, allowing for freedom from distraction when needed, without detracting from overall collaboration.

Even the Kitchen Sink

We have a great kitchen, fully stocked with snacks from NatureBox and AmazonPantry, as well as Coca Cola products, and beer and wine.

The Kitchen